New fab video by Dolce&Gabbana

Today lets enjoy a new advertising campagne by Dolce&Gabbana. This year the designers decided to relaunch their famous two fragrances from 90s Pour Femme and Pour Homme. Designer duo emphasize provocative and exotic character of this new scents. The black-and-white video is shot by Mario Testino with gorgeous Laetitia Casta in beautiful sights of Sicily.


Up do tutorial: High Bun

It seems to me that the high bun or top knot which is so popular among celebrities will never go out of fashion. This is the best choice for evening when you have not much time on your hair styling. To my mind this up do is also a good option for you daytime, it will make you look elegant without any effort.Today I want to show how to do this beautiful high bun in several minutes. No donuts inside! 🙂

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My Lolipop by Essie

Long time I was looking for a perfect red nail polish. Finely I found my sweet lolipop by Essie. I can’t believe my online purchase would be so successful! For me it’s a true red like the color of  Louboutin’s sole. I like this nail polish very much. I find it easy to apply, it dries fast and lasts long.

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Vogue’s New Record

Vogue US beats records. September issue is not the less than 916 pages! It’s more than 2 kg. The modern fashion is quite heavy to carry, huh? 🙂

Just one more thing. The majority of magazine’s content is advertisements. It’s about 600 pages. Don’t you think that it’s too fat even for Vogue?

New Chanel Rouge Allure Video

I’m fascinated by the latest Chanel’s beauty film. It’s so beautiful and so weird at the same time! You can hear the famous Coco Chanel quote  “If you are sad, if you are heartbroken, make yourself up, dress up, add more lipstick, and attack. Men hate women who weep” Sounds like a real deal 🙂 So just add more lipstick!

Last Sunny Days in Moscow

It’s august already and somehow it reminds me of coming fall. I decided to catch some last summer days on the Moscow green. I visited Gorky Central Park and Hermitage Garden. These places are really enjoyable such a lot of space and fresh air. I should have been there before…


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