Diorshow New Look review

Diorshow New Look mascara

I would like to share my thoughts about Diorshow New Look mascara.

Its absolute advantage is a handy little brush. It works good even with the tiniest lashes at the corners and doesn’t stain  the eyelid when applied. It curls lengthens and separates lashes.

Diorshow New Look mascara

This mascara have caring components in its formula and doesn’t crumble during the day. But also New Look mascara have disadvantage that everyone will notice. By the end of a day it leaves black marks in my eyelids. Remove these marks and not to ruin your makeup is almost impossible. But I use this mascara sometimes because I like that it curls my lashes and gives them volume and length. I just check my make up more often 🙂

My naked lashes. I have straight and rather long lashes by nature.

Diorshow New Look mascara

Diorshow New Look mascara

This mascara is also available in brown and blue. Price is about 28$.

Hope it was helpful 🙂


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