Up do tutorial: High Bun

It seems to me that the high bun or top knot which is so popular among celebrities will never go out of fashion. This is the best choice for evening when you have not much time on your hair styling. To my mind this up do is also a good option for you daytime, it will make you look elegant without any effort.Today I want to show how to do this beautiful high bun in several minutes. No donuts inside! 🙂

What you need is a comb, a hair elastic, a hair spray and 8 bobby pins.

Step 1. Tie your hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic.

Step 2. Separate your ponytail into four equal sections. Take one of them and start to tease it gently.

Step 3. Twist this section tightly into a small roll.

Step 4. Secure both sides with two bobby pins.

Step 5. Do the same with another three sections.

Step 6. Smooth your bun and use a hair spray.

Step 7. Insert a small long comb into your hair and gently tug forward to give some volume to your hair.

Step 8. You are all done! I like my high bun with a headband.

I should say that it’s my favorite updo. You may notice it in my previous post.  I love this because it’s elegant and so easy to do. What you think of it? Will you try to do it yourself?


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